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HDPE Sheet
HDPE Sheet is a flat, rectangular material with a density of 0.95 g/cm and a thickness of 5mm. Typically blue in color, it offers benefits such as high chemical resistance, durability, and versatility. It is mostly utilized for water tanks, pipes, liners, outdoor furniture, and signage due to its robustness and UV stabilization.
Conveyor And Bottling Components
Conveyor and bottling components, made of soft plastic materials in colors like black, grey, or white, include bottle guides, chain wheels, and UHMW profiles. They ensure smooth material handling, reducing wear and noise in conveyor systems. With low-friction finishes, they offer durability, noise reduction, and easy maintenance, enhancing operational efficiency.
Sheet And Tubes
Sheets and tubes, sized 3 x 8 feet and 1.2mm/1.5m/2.0mm2.05m20m, are made of soft plastic materials like PE, with thicknesses ranging from 3-5mm. Available in various colors like brown, white, grey, or green, they serve multiple purposes including packaging, insulation, and lining. Their softness offers cushioning and protection.
Plascon Liners
Plascon liners, typically square or rectangular in shape, are crafted from soft ABS plastic and come in colors like red, green, or black. These liners are widely used for pond liners, barrier walls, and protective coverings due to their durability, flexibility, and chemical resistance, meeting high demand across industries.
Products for Steel Industry
Products for the steel industry, including sleeper pads, plastic sprockets, and split bushes, are made of soft plastic materials. They come in rectangular or round shapes and various colors like white, green, or blue. These components offer low friction, noise reduction, and durability, meeting high demand for efficient material handling and machinery operation.
Polyrib Ultra
Polyrib Ultra offers a range of components such as bumper stop slides, plastic liners, and bottling components, crafted from soft UHMW material. Available in round, rectangular, or square shapes and colors like brown, blue, black, or green, they provide cushioning, low friction, and durability, meeting diverse industrial demands.
Cast Polyamide Products
Cast polyamide products, including nylon rods, sprockets, and bearing bushes, are made of nylon. They come in round, rectangular, or square shapes and various colors like black, blue, and more. Available in soft or rigid hardness, these components offer durability, low friction, and chemical resistance, meeting diverse industrial demands.

Low Density Polyethylene
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is a soft plastic material used for manufacturing LDPE sheets, wear plates, pads, and conveyor sprockets. Available in rectangular or square shapes and various colors like yellow, white, black, grey, green, and red-black, LDPE offers flexibility, chemical resistance, and impact strength, catering to diverse industrial needs.
PP Sheets
PP sheets, made of Polypropylene, are soft plastic materials used for chopping boards, material handling rollers, Plascon strips, etc. With a thickness of 2.3mm and available in multi-colors, they offer flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance, making them ideal for various industrial and household applications.
Polypropylene Sheets And Rods
Polypropylene sheets and rods, comprising PP, HDPE, and HMHDPE materials, come in colors like white, grey, blue, or multicolored. They are used for tank fabrication, thermoplastic applications, and DIPRA Add Clear sheets. With soft hardness, they offer flexibility, chemical resistance, and durability, suitable for various industrial and construction purposes.
Cutting Board Ripla
Cutting Board Ripla offers various options like Ripla Cutting Boards and Ripla Kaylon Plastic Cutting Boards, suitable for kitchen and industrial use. Soft plastic material, typically square or rectangular in shape and available in colors like green, blue, or white, ensures blade protection and ease of cutting, making it ideal for food preparation.
Polypropylene Sheet
Polycarbonate Sheets, soft in hardness and white in color, are shaped in squares with a lot of sizes like 1.22 m x 2.44 m. They are made utilizing selected, durable polycarbonate material. They have great usage in construction for roofing, signage, and protective barriers owing to their strength, transparency, and super resistance to impact and weathering.

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